Eliminate Costly Errors in Patient Estimates
Patient Estimator

Patient Estimator makes creating an estimate for a patient quick and foolproof. No longer worry about leaving out something required for a procedure. Produce an estimate while the patient is in the office, knowing that all items required for a procedure are included and priced accordingly.

With Patient Estimator:
Released: May 25, 2011
Simple to use
Fully Customizable

Create a complete estimate for any procedure with only a few mouse clicks. Selecting a procedure will not only include the cost of the procedure itself, but also all miscellaneous costs associated with the procedures: Anesthesia, Hospital Stay, Supplies, ...

You can even provide discounts, handle insurance, or modify the estimate on a case by case basis.

You can customize PatientEstimator to match your practice. First you create the set of procedures that you wish to create estimates for. Then you associate costs for each procedure (either a fixed rate, or a number of hours that are billed at your hourly rate), plus costs associated with anesthesia, hospital stay, OR charges and miscellaneous fees such as supplies (hoses, implants, ...). You can create whatever miscellaneous fees are appropriate for your practice, then associate these fees with the procedures that you perform.

You can also customize the look for the estimates themselves. There are three formats for estimates providing varying levels of detail. You can also provide pre and post boilerplate information that you wish to have on the estimates and then create the header that you want for your office.

You can print the estimates out for mailing, provide a copy to the patient during their consulation, email a PDF copy of the estimate directly from PatientEstimator, or save a copy for later use.

Eliminate Errors

Have you ever provided a patient with an estimate, only to find that some required fee was left out, and then you have to pay that cost yourself? With PatientEstimator you can eliminate those errors. When you define a procedure, you associate with it all the fees that it requires. Then when that procedure is selected, all the fees associated with it are automatically included.

You can add additional fees on a one time basis when you create the estimate, or remove fess that are normally associated with a procedure, but aren't for this particular estimate.

So you don't give up any flexibility, but provide protection against a costly mistake where something is left out of an estimate.

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