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KnowledgeDesign Software creates applications for both Windows and Android systems in a variety of areas.

Current applications include PatientEstimator to help Plastic Surgeons produce more accurate estimates quickly and easily, HSDroid which allows you to control your Homeseer© home automation system from your Android phone or tablet and MetaX, MovieLibrary and iTunesWatcher to help manage digital video files, embed them with metatags that can be displayed on systems such as the Apple TV, and keep your iTunes software and your Apple TV synchronized.


KnowledgeDesign Software was founded by Dan Hinsley, with more than 30 years in the software business, including time at Fortune 500 companies such as Federal Express, American Express and Microsoft, where he was one of the development managers on both the OS/2 and Window NT teams.

Here you can find information about software that I've written for both Windows & Android. Enjoy.

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