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Ref My Query on MetaX Board.

Postby DickyP » Mon Nov 14, 2011 3:38 pm

With regards to the topic General Queries on links to MovieLibrary on the MetaX Board my problem (which I realize appears to be no-one else's) could be addressed by:

  1. Adding a option to open the movie etc selected in Movie Library in MetaX. Similar to the double-click to open it in a Media Player at present.
  2. When control is returned to Movie Library doing a refresh.
  3. Obvious pre-requisite that Movie Library would only be able to do this if MetaX was on seet to Sync (checkable in registry).

I must admit to the fact that I already run a little program that asks if I want to play the movie or tag it, and then runs VLC (my chosen Media player) or MetaX, as appropriate. This is pointed at by the 'Movie Player' setting in Movie Library preferences instead of the Movie Player program itself. This means I do much the same as above but have to manually refresh.
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