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MovieLibrary on Win7 64bit

Postby auburnrose55 » Tue Nov 16, 2010 11:25 am

After my 1st attempt to install MovieLibrary 2.03 on Win7 64bit, the program did not appear Control Panel>Programs and Features, and a Windows search of the C drive did not find the MovieLibrary.exe file. However, the MovieLibrary installer thought the program was successfully installed, it gave me the option to repair or remove the program. Wierd. So I had the installer remove the program, then rebooted & reinstalled. This time, the program was still not visible in Control Panel>Programs and Features, but the .exe file was found in the C Drive>Program Files (x86)>No Bull Software folder. So I ran the .exe file, and now Control Panel knows about the program. Still wierd. Did not have this problem with the MetaX install.

Suggestion: Install both MetaX and MovieLibrary into the No Bull Software folder.
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