User Genres Vanishing

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User Genres Vanishing

Postby greg staten » Mon Jul 06, 2015 4:18 am

I've encountered a new and frustrating bug which started when I installed 2.50. Nearly a year ago I set up about 20 user genres so that I could hierarchically tag my library to make discovery easier when accessing it via AppleTV or Plex. However, when I launch MetaX now all of my user genres are gone. Indeed, if I add back some of them - as I need to tag a new move using one of them - on next launch the user genre I entered and used on the last launch of MetaX is gone. (Note: I am definitely pressing the Add button as I am able to tag with the user genre.)

Is this a 2.50 bug or a file in MetaX that has become corrupted?

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Re: User Genres Vanishing

Postby danhi » Sun Jul 19, 2015 1:01 am

Go to your users\<username>appdata\local\virtualstore\program files (x86)\MetaX folder. Is there a usergenres.db file there? What version of Windows are you running? I just tested this with 2.50 and it works OK for me. It's better if you email, as I don't get notified when someone posts, so I have to just check periodically.

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