Question/enhancement - CHapters

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Question/enhancement - CHapters

Postby arielreyes001 » Thu May 28, 2015 11:44 am

Is there any way to change an existing chapter's position without affecting all the other chapters? Chapter 2 on a file I have is wrong. It needs to be minutes later, but if I change the one and write the change to the file, it moves all the other chapters below it that same amount of time, and ultimately gives you the error warning that if you write the chapters the movie length will be changed.
Part two of this is a request somewhat related. I have accidentally said yes to the error message a few times and it has added time to the movie file, it ends up adding black space at the end of the video file. Do you have a way of reversing that so it can remove the extra space? I couldn't figure out a way so I ended up re-encoding the file.
Thank you!
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