Request - Automatically Set "Title - Sort as" (TV Shows)

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Request - Automatically Set "Title - Sort as" (TV Shows)

Postby DaveB » Wed Apr 01, 2015 10:25 am

Thanks very much for this software, it's proving very useful as I rip and encode my DVD/BR collection to use on my iPad.

I do have a feature request though (And apologies if there is already some way to accomplish the below, I had a fettle and couldn't figure anything out other than doing it manually...):

Under "Preferences - File" there is an option to set File and Title tagging according to certain wildcards (denoted by numbers with a "%" prefix)

I would like to request that an additional one be added to populate the Episode Name Sort tag (under the "Sorting" tab in the main window).

The basis of this request is that under iTunes 12 (maybe earlier, I've never looked before), for some moronic reason some views of TV episodes don't sort by Season/Episode.

For example - "TV Programme List" defaults to title sort, with options for Year and Rating - none of which give acceptable output.

I'm aware I could simply change the title of the episodes to include the S##E## as a prefix but that looks really untidy to me in the display window of iTunes - I'd much rather use the Sort field to achieve the same ordering outcome.

I realise it's a fairly small thing as there are other ways of browsing, but it just irritates me. Setting the sort field manually on each ep is certainly doable but time consuming, which is why I would appreciate the addition of this function.
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