MetaX is a movie tagging program that will search the internet for information and write out tags into an mp4 or m4v file. It interfaces with Amazon, tagChimp, B&N and IMDB.


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MetaX for Windows is a movie tagging program modeled on MetaX for the Mac written by Rodney Kerstetter (http://www.kerstetter.net). You can find the latest binaries at http://www.danhinsley.com/downloads/MetaXBinaries.zip, a setup app at http://www.danhinsley.com/downloads/MetaXSetup.exe demonstation videos at http://www.danhinsley.com/MetaXDemoVideos.htm and PDF documentation at http://www.danhinsley.com/MetaXPDF.htm.

MetaX will search the internet for information about a movie or TV show and allow you to write this information into metatags in the file which will display when the show is viewed in iTunes, or in Apple FrontRow or on an Apple TV. Information can be easily retrieved from Amazon.com (or country specific Amazon's), tagChimp, Yahoo Posters or IMDB to provide all the information needed to allow your movies and TV shows to take full advantage of Apple TV, iTunes or Frontrow.

Please feel free to use this forum for questions about how to use MetaX for Windows, or for bug reports or feature requests.
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