Version 2.57

MetaX is a movie tagging program that will search the internet for information and write out tags into an mp4 or m4v file. It interfaces with Amazon, tagChimp, B&N and IMDB.

Version 2.57

Postby danhi » Wed Jan 27, 2010 4:04 pm

_____________dist 11/21/16 as V2.57____________________
Fix various problems with iTunes and TV Series
Add NFO file for TV Showname
Add album and episode title to NFO
Add /L switch to set language from the command line
Fix UI bug that hid the Get Data From The MovieDB checkbox
Be more robust if user changes where the My Documents directory is
Handle rating from Ember media player
Fix UI bug if short description was too long
If there isn't a metatag, but there is an Xtra for a field, use it
Add option to not ellipsize actors/cast
Parse TV Info out of filename for MKV files
Make comments adher to short description length
Don't allow chapter paste if chapters checkbox is checked
Change checked icon for fields to a lock to signify that they won't be overwritten
Add support for 7 bit ascii files in AVI's
Fix a couple of bugs in MVK handling
Handle version 2 of Xtra atoms
Fix issue with Plex and chapters
Add option to use generic names when extracting cover art
Add /i option to point to file to use for cover art
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