Version 2.58 & 2.59 & 2.60

MetaX is a movie tagging program that will search the internet for information and write out tags into an mp4 or m4v file. It interfaces with Amazon, tagChimp, B&N and IMDB.

Version 2.58 & 2.59 & 2.60

Postby danhi » Wed Jan 27, 2010 4:04 pm

_____________dist 7/04/17 as V2.60____________________
Added option on help menu for donations
Added feature to filter movie search results by year
Fix bug changing cover art if always use iTunes checked
Add switch to set a floor for how much virtual memory is left while tagging
Add feature to do episode tagging (like title and file tagging) (reorg'ed preference tabs)
Add force title to sort title option
Figure out the HD value from the framewidth (M4V, MP4 only)
Add option to email log files
Fix bugs with not getting all data from every other TV episode
If replay Yes to All Confirmations, don't ask to display error log on exit_____________dist 6/20/17 as V2.59____________________
Remove periods in TV Showname
Bug with copying episode number to track
Double click on search wasn't checking cover art checkbox
Parse out information from MKV TV Show filename
Honor noconfirms if you can't open the logfile
_____________dist 6/11/17 as V2.58____________________
Have nuke tags (ctl alt write) get rid of all tags for all file types
use episode desc for both long and short descriptions
add support for asf file types
Add %0 for debut year for tv series
Add /VM tag to monitor virtual memory usage when tagging a large number of files
Support tags for MediaMonkey
Add %9 in tagging for full data in yyyy-mm-dd format
Add option to copy season number to disc
Add minimize to tray option
add option to copy short/long desc to subtitle (only for MP4's)
Fix force desc to comment
don't allow /B and Auto Search at the same time
add support for TVMaze
add /x flag to not create a chapter is one doesn't exist
add /at flag to point to directory to move autotagged files
release cover art after taggingfix for copy mkv
fix copy to ignore non-video files
support copy to/from all filetypes
if save to directory specified, copy the cover art there as well
support V2 of thetvdb api
bug displaying cyrillic
bug not being able to delete seasonfix bug with multiple selections showing fields
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